Branding Questionnaire

The Wendo Project:

Mission Statement: Our mission is to strengthen women to create meaningful improvements in their own health and the health of their communities.

Vision Statement : Our vision is to generate wealth that pours directly back to community health projects through locally sourced items uniquely created by women of the African Diaspora.

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Why does your organization exist? The goal of the Wendo project is to create opportunities for the women of Kalimani to achieve economic empowerment and engage in grassroots efforts to improve their own health as well as the health of their families. We exist to inspire, create joy, and uplift the women of this community so that the entire village will ultimately benefit. We believe the work of the Wendo Project is a microcosm of the change that can be created throughout the African Diaspora when women are given opportunities.

What does your organization do? (2 paragraphs):

The Wendo Project partners with the village of Kalimani to support development projects focused on the health and economic well-being of women in the village. All projects have been identified as priorities by the women of the village themselves. At present, we are engaged in the following initiatives: -Fundraising to renovate the Kalimani Health Center (which includes adding electricity and additional water sources to the clinic) -Sustaining a Children’s library and activity center at the Health Center  -Creating jobs for the women of Kalimani (we currently support the salary of a nurse and children’s library attendant at the health center) -Assisting women in business development through a microfinance basket-weaving project

Tell us what your organization does in 3 sentences. The Wendo project is a partnership with the women of Kalimani, Kenya that promotes health end economic opportunities. We exist to inspire, create joy, and uplift the women of this community so that the entire village will ultimately benefit. Examples of the work we do in cooperation with the women of Kalimani includes fundraising to renovate the Kalimani Health Center, development of community outreach activities that promote the health of women and children, and income generating activities that support individual families and community development activities.

 Tell us what your organization does in 1 sentence. The Wendo Project strengthens women to create meaningful improvements in their own health and the health of their communities.

Tell us what your organization does in 5 words. Empower women and communities through partnership

What is the story behind how you got started? The Wendo Project grew out of an on-going relationship that I have shared with the Kalimani Health Center in Kitui, Kenya for the last 20 years. I first visited Kalimani in 1999, while an undergraduate student studying abroad in Kenya through the School for International Training. As an nutritional sciences major, I was attached to the Kalimani Health Center to learn more about the impact of famine on the health of women and children living in the village. With the loving guidance of Josephine Mailu, nurse and community organizer, I gained insight into the health challenges and overall socioeconomic struggles of the people of Kalimani. I saw that women were the pillars of the community, and typically responsible for earning income, raising the children, and running the household all while fighting the uphill battle of poverty and food insecurity. These responsibilities had notable bearings on their health, as well as the health of their families; yet despite the challenges, these women prevailed, and found joy in their connection to one another and their community. They served each other and in fact, everyone around them, with open hands and open hearts. After leaving Kenya the first time, I felt a pull to remain connected to Kalimani, Mrs. Mailu, and the Kalimani Health Center. In 2015, I began sending financial support to fund Mrs. Mailu’s continued work at the Health Center, and in 2019, visited Kalimani again to place formal infrastructure around the Wendo Project. This project has come to fruition with the help and support of the non-profit organization, Children’s Literature for Children.  

What’s the idea behind the organization’s name? The region of Kenya in which Kalimani is located is known as “Ukambani”, or Kamba country. The people are of the Kamba ethnic group, and their language is Wakamba. “Wendo” means “love” in Wakamba. This initiative is truly “the love project”, because it is born out of 20 years of love of a village, its women, and the possibility of extending this loving connection and support throughout the African Diaspora and the world.

What messages are you trying to convey? (How do you want to be perceived by others?) -The Wendo Project wants to be seen as a service-oriented, mission driven initiative. -We want to be seen for the possibilities of our work. -We want to be seen as a source of inspiration. -We want to appeal to people of all walks of life, all cultures and backgrounds, who desire to connect with and empower women. -We want to be seen as change agents.

Please list qualities and words you want people to associate with the brand. Love, joy, inspiration, empowerment, opportunity

Please list qualities and words you do not want people to associate with the brand. Exclusion, poverty, developing world, religion

What words, concepts and images come to mind when you think about your organization? Sisal baskets Kanga/leso fabric The sun Open hands Sisterhood Love Connection Opportunity Wealth Joy Africa The African Diaspora Family Community

If you could choose one famous person (real or fictional) from all of time to personify your brand in the marketplace, who would it be and why? Lupita Nyong’o: -International (Lupita is truly a global citizen, of Kenyan descent but a citizen of Mexico, resides in Brooklyn, NY; has represented women of the Diaspora on stage and screen) -Beauty! Lupita is beautiful and so African. She makes the beauty of the Diaspora real and accessible in what she embodies. -Excellence: Lupita has pursued excellence in her career as an actress and in her philanthropic and humanitarian efforts. -Service, justice, standing up for what’s right: Lupita has been vocal about women’s rights and improving opportunities for women globally.

If your organization/brand were an object or animal what would it be and why? A heart- This work is about love and connection, and has the potential to resonate with any human being. We all have hearts, and can connect with one another by being more in touch with what is within our hearts- what we all want for ourselves and others as human beings (which is a sense of well-being, health, security, and joy).

What other organization/company do you admire and why? TOMS- I love that TOMS started with one community initiative, and was really about simply meeting a need in that particular community/village. That good intention grew into a multi-million dollar company, which continues to provide opportunities for people in need throughout the world.

How do you want your image to be seen in the next year? 2 years? (Long-term) Wendo wants to be seen as a social entrepreneurship venture that empowers women and in turn their communities, through health and financial independence. We want to be seen for our values of truth and transparency, sustainability, and inclusion.

Provide color requirements per your existing brand or company specifications. We have no particular requirements, and are open to ideas. Provide color restrictions (if any) No particular restrictions.

What else do we need to know about your brand? This work is grounded in a heartfelt commitment to doing what is right, creating equity, and uplifting women to experience the health and joy they are so worthy of.  

Name Khaliah Johnson Email [email protected] Primary Contact Khaliah Johnson Phone (404) 213-9976 Email [email protected]