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What is WENDO?

Wendo translates to love and that's exactly what we embody.Our goal is to create opportunities for the women of Kalimani, Kenya to achieve economic empowerment and engage in grassroots efforts to improve their own health and the health of their families. We exist to inspire, create joy, and uplift women of this community for the benefit of the entire village. The Wendo Project is a microcosm of change possible throughout the African Diaspora when women are supported. We partner with Children's Literature for Children (CLC) to provide the village of Kalimani with a non-profit infrastructure for such change.

When women thrive, everyone thrives.


Where We've Been


Where We're Going

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Our Baskets

Each sisal basket is handmade with love and care by women residing in the Kalimani village. These baskets make the perfect decor accessory for those that keep a colorful and cultivated home.  Be sure to post a pic of your basket with the hashtag #weavingisbelieving.


Our Women

The women of the Kalimani village are incredibly caring. They understand that the success of their village is reliant on it's women joining together to support and uplift one another. These women spark joy and inspire us everyday.