About Us

The Wendo Project is an independent non-profit initiative supported by Children’s Literature for Children (https://childrensliterature.org/).  Founded in 2019, Wendo grew out of a 20-year long commitment to encouraging and supporting the upliftment of women in rural Kenya, as well as their families. 

Our Team:

Khaliah A. Johnson, MD (Founder and executive director):   Khaliah first traveled to the village of Kalimani in 1999, as an undergraduate studying abroad through the School for International Training (www.sit.edu).  Her life was forever impacted by witnessing the strength of Kalimani’s women, and the importance of the health center in the community.  She is a pediatrician, mother, and advocate who maintains a steadfast commitment to serving the underserved and caring for communities. 

Josephine Mailu (Project Director):  Josephine Mailu is the founding nurse of the Kalimani Health Center. She has resided in the village of Kalimani her entire life, and is seen in the community as an advisor, elder, mother, grandmother, and unwavering change agent.  Mrs. Mailu has directed the health center’s clinical services and outreach for 20 years.  She oversees the on-the-ground work of the Wendo Project. 

Milly Mukai Mailu (Administrative Coordinator): Milly is a nurse with community health expertise, who was born and raised in Kalimani.  She supports logistics for the Wendo Project, which ensures for its continued forward momentum.  Milly’s kind nature and pure heart embody the love of Wendo. 

Kemie Nix (Principal Advisor):  Kemie provides high-level advice and oversight on the non-profit operations of Wendo.